Social Responsibility.

Our aim is offering to the community.

For TH. CHATZOPOULOS – G. VLACHOPOULOS P.C. SUPER FISH, helping the fellow human being by aiming at the general welfare of society and the protection of the environment is a fundamental value.

Considering the current economic crisis and the difficulties which humanity is facing, support to NGOs and sensitization in general on issues concerning children and vulnerable social groups constitutes one of the most important actions implemented by our company. We contribute by donations to unions and associations such as the Panhellenic Association of the Blind, the Doctors Without Borders, the Panhellenic Association of Paraplegic & Physically Challenged People, the NGO “Νοιάζομαι και Δημιουργώ για το Παιδί” (“I Care and Create for the Child”), Monasteries, soup kitchens etc.

For TH. CHATZOPOULOS – G. VLACHOPOULOS P.C. SUPER FISH, social responsibility is part of a strategy that aims that paying its dues to society and the environment.