Quality Super Fish

TH. CHATZOPOULOS – G. VLACHOPOULOS P.C. SUPER FISH ensures the quality of its products by implementing the HACCP and operating in accordance with the rules of the ISO 22000:2005 system. How exactly do we guarantee the quality and freshness of our products?

Our facilities have been certified by ISO:22000 and they are systematically inspected on a yearly basis, in order to ensure the preservation of high standards both at the facilities and in our internal procedures.

Before receiving our raw materials, we check the appropriateness of the vehicle in which they were transported, as well as the transport temperature. We only accept the products which fulfill our standards.
Upon receipt of fresh catches, a visual inspection takes place, whereby the freshness, the color, the flesh cohesion and the size of the catches are assessed.
We organize random laboratory checks both at the time of the receipt procedure of our raw materials, as well as at the time of the export of our end products.
The catches we import from third countries are accompanied by the requires quality certificates of the respective country, while they are approved and certified by the Directorate-General for Fisheries – Directorate for Control of Fishing Activities and Fishery Products.
Through the audits that we conduct throughout the entire production procedure, we ascertain ourselves the quality of our raw materials, by applying objective criteria to assess not only our suppliers, but also the quality of our very own products.
In order to cooperate with a potential supplier, we require the inspection of all necessary certificates that they must be equipped with, while their assessment carries on throughout our cooperation.
Therefore, we have collected all the required quality certificates, both from catches suppliers, as well as from packaging materials suppliers, to ensure their appropriateness for contact with the food products.
Lab checks are also carried our both in the water and ice used during the production process, as well as on the surfaces used for the processing of the catches.

All the people of TH. CHATZOPOULOS – G. VLACHOPOULOS P.C. SUPER FISH are equipped with up-to-date health certificates, while they are constantly trained on issues such as the Basic Principles in Food Hygiene and Security, the proper Hygiene of the Production Area, as well as the requirement of Respecting Traceability.

TH. CHATZOPOULOS – G. VLACHOPOULOS P.C. SUPER FISH stores its end products in special deep-freeze chambers at its premises, which are monitored 24/7 as regards their temperature.

Our transportation vehicles have been certified for their eligibility for carrying frozen foods.
All our internal procedures aim at the non-disruption of the refrigeration chain, so that you receive our freshly frozen fishery goods safely at your place.

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