About Super Fish

The company TH. CHATZOPOULOS – G. VLACHOPOULOS P.C. SUPER FISH, based at the Industrial Park of Neochorouda, in Thessaloniki, is a powerful unit of raw and frozen catches processing.

It collects seafood from Greece and abroad principally on the basis of their quality and freshness, thus covering even the most demanding requirements of the buyers.

Having a workforce that comprises qualified people with profound knowledge of the collection, production and processing of catches and operating in accordance with the rules of the ISO 22000:2005 system, it provides its customers with a vast array of quality products.

The company occupies a leading role in the Greek market, as well as abroad, and distributes its products by its own fleet, or also through its partnering transport companies. It exports catches mainly to countries such as Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria, and Romania.α.

TH. CHATZOPOULOS – G. VLACHOPOULOS P.C. SUPER FISH frequently invests in machinery and know-how to ensure the best possible quality of its products. It aims at expanding its distribution network, while laying the foundations for the company’s even further development.